Uso de Cookies

A. SGLMS , 10/02/2018

Technologies like cookies, pixel tags (‘pixels’), and local storage are use d to deliver, secure, and understand products and services on SGLMS . We want this page to help you understand more about these technologies and how they are us ed. Your browser or device may allow you to block these technologies, but you may not be abl e to use some features on if you block them. For more information about whether these tools are available, what they do and how they work, visit your browser or device’s help material. Generally, tools like these in your browser or device affect only that particular browser or device. So if you’re using multiple browsers or devices, yo u can make different choices for each of them.

Why do we use Cookies

Show what matters to you

They help us know who you are so we can show content that’s most relevant to you, including features, products, and others.

Improve your experience.

They work with SGLMS features and help us improve our products and services – so you can do things like see which friends are online, use share buttons, and upload photos.

Protection and security.

They help secure SGLMS by letting us know if someone tries to access your account or engages in activity that violates our terms.

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